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Is your Online Presence in the Present?

Posted by: compel - Sunday February 21, 2010

Before the turn of the century, it seemed that by 2010 we’d be operating flying cars, vacationing on the moon, and using robots to cook and clean the house. So forgive our disappointment in grounded automobiles, terrestrial beach resorts, and brooms. While monumental advancements in lifestyle luxuries may seem behind schedule, there is one industry that is speeding ahead with more velocity than a Lamborghini. It’s a little well kept secret known as The Internet, and if you or your business isn’t on it, what, may we ask, are you on?

We’ve heard this dilemma before: developing a web-based business model is time and financially consuming, right? Wrong! Online marketing investments are endlessly worth both the time and financial input to increase company efficiency and efficacy. With the right strategic maneuvers, you might just be able to buy yourself a hovercraft or space odyssey by 2011.

Marketing Triangle

With a new decade well underway, the organizational pyramid is likely to be used for diet regimens unlikely to last through the end of the month. Let’s instead use the pyramid to set goals-resolutions, if you will-that are rationale, realistic, and reliable.

This year, we endeavor to:

  1. Make sure your online presence doesn’t lag behind with cars, cruises, and cleaning services.
  2. Continue to compel you and your customers through 2010 with the latest forms of online marketing.
  3. Support your goals in the same way the building blocks of a pyramid support the very top of the structure.

Put your full trust in our team to act as an integral support system to your team.

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Tis’ the Season

Posted by: compel - Tuesday December 15, 2009

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Introduction to Compel

Posted by: compel - Wednesday July 01, 2009

Compel Interaction Compel Cart System
Similarly to the open land ripe for new growth after a forest fire, opportunity for new business is created after economic recession. Compel Interaction is one of the freshest new businesses to sprout on the now economic open field with an already established client base and it is looking at a bright future of creating solutions for customers also ready to experience growth.
Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Compel has a total of five offices (and growing). It is equipped with exceptionally creative and capable personnel who specialize in all facets of web development and internet marketing. Even before Compel has officially opened up its doors to targeted new business and a very vast prospective clientele, it is set on a foundation of being able to show its current customer base talented graphic design solutions, advanced website design, online marketing solutions, excellent user interface, leadership and overall business strategy.

View Our Services PDF
Particularly, Compel has lined up a revolutionary program that will enhance the way users plan encounters, order online, and the way establishments market themselves online.Customers will never have to navigate away from your page to place an order for food, merchandise or gift cards. In addition, Compels software offers integrated newsletter management and reservation/appointment management abilities.

Online Ordering PDF
Request a demo
When does Compel officially open for business?
The creative minds at Compel thought it would be most appropriate to launch the opening of their new business in ceremonial and symbolic fashion at their Traverse City, MI office (located right on the scenic waterfront of the Grand Traverse Bay) on the Nations birthday, Saturday July 4th, 2009 at 3pm, with a celebration in which everyone is invited! Traverse City Office
13056 S. West Bayshore Dr.
Traverse City, MI 49684
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Why should we call Compel now?

Compel is offering new and existing customers a free consultation. Just call (734) 709-0566.More information about Compels Revolutionary Restaurant Product can be found in our attached brochure, and you can find out more online at

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