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An NFL quarterback relies on perfect timing, a specific point of release, and an eager receiver to score a winning touchdown. Paid search marketing requires these same three essential components: precise timing, a strategic trajectory, and a willing receiver. With the right time, direction, and goals, keyword placement can be an essential component to making sure you´ll be dancing in the end zone too.

Running the same play too often poses the risk that your opponents could catch on though. To stay ahead of the competition, we are continually analyzing paid search programs, keeping ourselves, our clients, and your clients in the game at all times. We then use this ongoing research to update and upgrade ad copy and creative messaging, paid marketing bid strategies, and landing pages.

Video Advertising
If there´s one truth about online video advertising, it´s that no matter how hard we try, we just can´t peel our eyes away from the captivating movements and colors that engage us almost instantaneously. Our professional staff of experienced Web technicians knows the benefits of using an interactive means of branding and promotional activity. Our Team has the knowledge and technology to create online video advertisements that entice, excite, and engage intended Web users. All that´s left is to strategically place the media in specific locations on the web based on our extensive research, assessment, and experience.

Account Setup

  • Client goals: As our valued client, your goals are central to the construction of a personalized marketing plan. So, expect plenty of questions from us.
  • Who is your client?
  • What is your time frame?
  • Where does your ideal market lie?
  • How can your marketability attract significant returns?

Paid search competitor analysis: It seems like competition is popping up from every direction, so it´s important to know who else within your market is purchasing the same keywords. With this knowledge, Our Team can draw upon the attributes that separate your company from the rest, creating an independent, recognizable identity through personalized ad placements.

Search engine account setup: The first step in disseminating your brand into social networking sites is to setup accounts with the main search engines like Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and MSN adCenter. The second step is identifying and locating the less obvious directories specified to your intended client.

Keyword research: This includes determining the likelihood of effective search engine placement and the potential results for a given keyword. During this phase, Our Team sizes up the competition, taking note of what we´re up against and how many comparable companies are searching for similar keywords.

Ad creative development: With a solid understanding of your company, your goals, and your potential, Our Team can begin creating ads that connect you to an extensive ecommerce network.

Ongoing Monthly Management

Our job doesn´t stop once your account is setup and your brand identity is constructed. Part of our overall mission is to oversee the transformation of each client as the online market continues to evolve, ensuring that your niche on the web is never compromised. This continual evaluation requires ongoing consulting and campaign analysis/expansion.

Managing a client requires internal research and external collaboration. As companies with similar objectives to yours are launched on a constant basis, it is our obligation to decipher what makes you different and how to emphasize these unique characteristics to gain a competitive advantage and to rise in the ranks.

Ongoing campaign analysis allows us to manage day-to-day keyword bidding and to analyze the return on investment to effectively bid on keywords. Our Team also tests the efficacy of the ads through the constant evaluation of creative ads. This information determines what we can work on, how to progress, and the most useful ways to expand your main points of sale. We then take our findings and report them back to you.

Contextual Search Sites:
Contextual Search Sites often provide an untapped resource where potential clients may come across your company´s ads. Found on niche content sites, ads reach a specified audience concerned with your target market. The advertising potential available is just another way to gain positive recognition and expand your marketability.

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