Project Description

With print media on the outs (sorry, newspapers!), Borders needed to figure out a new way to stay afloat, so naturally, they decided to go down the digital media canal.

Flashback. Our initial venture with Borders was less critical. We were asked to create digital graphics for the company’s website-a simple request that we completed with ease. The work we submitted surpassed expectations, and Borders returned with another more crucial task.

For our second collaboration, our team of interactive media mavens was given the challenge to launch a completely new digital center to fuel Borders during a time when paperbacks were beginning to take the backseat to electronic readers. The trick was to maintain the values by which Borders had come to be known.

For their exclusive media campaign, we generated an entire digital center to be integrated online and in stores. We approached the task using our knowledge of graphics, branding, and web design, and produced lively and engaging flash animation for their new media center.

Our Team helped compel the old Borders client in a new, innovative way, increasing their chances of survival in this digital age. Borders now sells electronic entertainment alongside printed romance novels.

Project Details

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  • Skills

    • Website Design
    • eCommerce
    • Systems Integration
    • Programming