Project Description

CellTrak is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that grew to approximately 80 people since 2008, becoming the lead provider for the healthcare and insurances market, of an EMR (electronic medical records) software product for home hospice care (mobile come-to-you service). The opportunity CellTrak serves was created by the expansion of home hospice care services, as the elderly are increasingly choosing to remain at home vs. transition to a nursing home. The Medicare and insurances market are increasingly requiring Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), giving rise to CellTrak’s solution. The solutions are iOS & Android mobile apps, and a corresponding web app for management, delivering EVV and activity information management into a robust piece of software.

CellTrak was currently outsourcing a custom IVR (interactive voice response) system provided by a third party. However doing so, created problems with timeliness of customization and other issues. A consultant from Compel was selected to develop an IVR solution from scratch with CellTrak in a quest to seek a better integration with their development team – faster time to market, etc. This EVV was provided via telephone and keypad entry, as an alternative for home health aides that do not have a smartphone, and they are better able to serve their customers with their own, high quality modern code-base.

CellTrak was also in the process of launching the software in other countries, in other languages who use different formats of information (i.e. dates, numbers, languages, etc.) represented by locale’s (i.e. en-US, en-CA). Although their software did not have a mechanism to be able to launch a new locale in a systemized way. A second engagement was arranged to provide internationalization of the web app solution to translate languages, and translate numbers into the country of use. We delivered a robust, scalable, and well written solution that integrated well with their development team and customers.

In addition, CellTrak was experiencing GPS issues with their iOS and Android apps that were widespread and affecting large customers considerably. The issue was extremely difficult to track, and had not been resolved after approximately four years. This gave us an opportunity, and we reverse engineered extremely complex and abstracted pieces of software over a grueling period, and resolved a corruption occurring inside at a particular fault point in the software. We (re)-educated the other team members on how this part of the software was built and explained why it was occurring, and how to fix it. Compel’s consultant also fixed handfulls of other similar issues for CellTrak over a long engagement period.

Project Details

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  • Skills

    • PHP Development
    • Symfony Framework
    • Redis
    • Vagrant
    • Gulp
    • SASS
    • AWS
    • Apache
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