Raut Media is a company that specializes in online lead generation. Raut’s objective was to produce a new micro site which integrated with an online repository which provided deal data from various retailers. They needed the site to allow them to import this data at regular increments, and then work with the imported coupon deals to manage and launch vendors and deals from a back-end admin interface.  The website needed to be built in such a way to be highly search engine friendly, and also be fully responsive for mobile devices.

Compel’s long history developing web applications was an advantage. Compel’s consultant used an ultra high speed and high quality development approach, to quickly build the back-end admin tools needed to manage the site. Compel also used a highly efficient process to build the front end of the website to be highly responsive, offering an excellent mobile, tablet, and desktop experience to the user. The functionality of the website offers the viewer the ability to obtain coupon deals.

Project Details

  • Client

    Raut Media

  • Skills

    • Back-end administration web development
    • Responsive front-end web development
Live Website