Project Description

Our most ambitious project to date, SunFire Systems is an enterprise level ECommerce and Point of Sale Software as a Service (SaaS) product we built to service the mid to top tier of the restaurant industry.

The first product we built for SunFire, offered the ability to quickly launch the product for new restaurant group customers, giving their client the ability to have a feature-rich first class customizable online ordering system branded to them and integrated onto their website. This allowed single or multi-unit restaurant group customers to order food online for pickup and delivery, and for the system to deliver the order onto existing restaurant ticket printers for mission critical transaction processing.

The next product we built on to the platform, was a next generation fully functional point of sale (POS) system (in-store computer-based “cash registers”), built on modern technologies, allowing access on PC computers, Apple/Mac computers, Tablets, and Mobile devices. And now, adding a full restaurant worth of ticket printers (i.e. bar, various kitchen, etc) cash drawer, card scanners, with eons of complexities.

The solution has served nearly a dozen regional restaurant groups and around forty brands, has succeeded in scaling to accept and process hundreds of thousands of transactions and processing millions of dollars in credit card payment monthly. We proved the application for Fortune 500 applications, and invested in the best security practices at the highest threshold standard of care – PCI Level 1 Compliance.

While developing this project, we’ve used very innovative and cutting edge technology to solve some serious problems for the restaurant customers. The most notable problem, being the second by second nature of a high availability mission critical software application.

With strong DevOps development (server management), and redundant software database architecture, we succeeded in running a distributed system with the point of sale and online ecommerce system running both independently (covering the case of internet outages or latency–momentary blips), but when internet is available, synchronizing their activities for access from the cloud OR from a local location. We succeeded in using modern web technologies to run the POS application locally, without dependence on the internet. And we fine tuned the application for ultra fast paced high demand usage, over time.

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    Compel POS & ECommerce - SunFire Systems

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